Interview With Deadsville Movie’s Thomas Newman

I’ve got a special treat for you zombie fans! I’ve got an exclusive interview (and the first exclusive for the Deadsville movie period!) with Thomas Newman who is the writer, producer and director of the upcoming 3D movie Deadsville.

You may remember Thomas Newman from the cult-hit Bong of the Dead which blended humor, zombies and marijuana into a Cannes Independent Film Festival appearance and world-wide release – for a movie made for just $5000! This time around there will not be a micro-budget as Newman is lining up investors and taking advantage of social media and the internet to create his new 3D movie.

The following is Zombie Movie’s Q & A with Thomas Newman:
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Zombieland 2009

Zombieland is a 2009 zombie movie starring Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone, and Abigail Breslin. This is this is a zombie movie that takes place in America in the early 21st century after the zombie hordes have taken over and left very few survivors. Zombieland was a fun zombie movie to watch it sucks you in right from the beginning with the cool slow-motion intro and pulsing music, and it keeps you there until the end. Make no mistake this movie is a zombie comedy more than a zombie horror, but that does not mean there is not good special effects and lots of gore because there most certainly is.

By the end everybody’s can be a fan of zombie rules followed by Jesse Eisenberg’s character–Columbus, such as the ‘double-tap’, and ‘cardio’. Woody Harrelson’s character Tennessee, lives his life in zombieland in his never-ending search for a Twinkie. Tennessee has a penchant for killing zombies. And when Columbus and Tennessee’s paths cross the fun ensues as they traveled together in the search for things that they have lost. They are quickly outdone by Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin’s characters. Along the way, Bill Murray gets involved, some weed is smoked, and Columbus who swears not to be a hero as a rule, ends up being one.

The zombies are of the fast moving variety and said to have come about as a result of mad cow disease becoming mad human disease, and they excel at attacking you when you are at your most vulnerable – on the toilet.

Acting – 4/5 – above average
Story – 3.5/5 – girls that smart would not go to Pacific Playland
Gore – 3.5/5 – pretty good gore for zombie comedy but it is not a bloodbath by any stretch
Scare Factor – 2/5 – safe for kittens
Zombie Factor – 3.5/5 – weak effects make-up in some spots while very good in others
Would I Watch It Again? – 4/5 – I have watched it more than one time!

The Walking Dead Gets Boring

The Walking Dead a television series that started out with bang but come second season it is sleep walking itself and its viewers towards certain cancellation. Yeah, I said it. The second season opener and follow second show were how do I put it nicely – boring as hell. I am not the only one who thinks so either. I’ve asked my friends who watched the first season and they agree – way too much drama and drama that is misplaced at that. For AMC a network that brought us the pulse-pounding Breaking Bad seems ready to allow this one to get away.

The people behind the Walking Dead better have some big things planned for the rest of the season because the torment of parents has been worked to death in every disaster movie. Even the zombies in the last two episodes were weak – especially the ‘herd’. Someone didn’t do enough coaching of the extras before setting them loose and the makeup people didn’t check behind the ears or necks so we see glaring color changes in the makeup as the zombies stroll by the camera – just sloppy for a show with such a budget.

So far this season the Walking Dead can be summed up as – Walking us towards bed.

Bong of the Dead North American Premiere

Thomas Newman portrait

For the past year I have been following the hype around Thomas Newman’s Bong Of The Dead. All I kept hearing about was this epic $5000 zombie movie soon to be “cult hit”, made by one man in his basement. If you’re a die-hard zombie fanatic then you’ve probably already heard about this up and coming visionary first time director. According to Thomas Newman he has been paving the road to his own success one single digital frame at a time, with his scope set on busting into Hollywood. The filmmaker claims he had literally locked himself away for over 3 years working vigorously holding hours suitable only for the undead.

His journey began back in 2008 when he had apparently only written 7 pages of a script, with no title, and had only shot a single sequence involving 3 zombies ascending from a dark tunnel. The whole sequence was beautifully orchestrated to Darren Arinofskys “Requiem for a Dream” sound track and was gory enough to make you squirm and scream for more. The sequence had mass appeal and production value due to the realistic gore and zombie make-up provided by Mike fields. Newman pitched Mike Fields on the concept for his film then sealed the deal by offering him a co-producer position. It was impressive to see what Thomas Newman had achieved for zero dollars and proof enough that perhaps he would be able to pull off an entire feature length movie of the same caliber with only $5000.

The mini sequence or “Hook”, as he called it, worked according to his plans because he was able to quickly attract a cast and crew consisting of friends, family and local talent recruited from Craigslist. Once he had assembled his team and secured the locations he set out to shoot the entire movie in an ambitious 15 days. He was also determined to shoot the whole movie on a single borrowed HD cam which in his words, “some people laughed at” at the time. The result is a very stylistic polished film that one would not expect given the circumstances and equipment or lack there of. That said, now that the film is finally complete and out there, the praises are pouring in from fans, critics and major festivals from around the world.
Second part of the movie will start on big party in Dubai, when everybody will be dancing through roof window will fall zombie and will start chasing sexy girl in short black dress.
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Bong of the Dead Zombie Movie Update

Thomas Newman who is the writer/producer and director of the $5000 epic zombie film “Bong Of The Dead” seems to be going places fast. Here is some exciting updated information about the film and its growing success.

Bong of the Dead has garnered some great reviews from industry heavyweights like Rue Morgue and Tommy Chong. Rue Morgue has also just released their latest issue of their wildly circulated and much respected magazine with a full-page article about Bong Of The Dead! In it they say “Bong of the Dead has cult hit smeared all over it!”

Tommy Chong the king of pot humour says of Bong of the Dead, “This is a sure winner!”. It was rumoured Tommy might make an appearance at the Vancouver movie premier of Bong of the Dead on May 15 at the Rio Theatre, and tickets are going fast.

“I’m pleased to announce that my film has been selected as part of the Cannes Independent Film Festival official selection (CANNES ) The film will be premiering in France at the festival this MAY 12th and 14th. It will also be premiering on MAY 15th in Vancouver BC at the Rio Theatre.” said the director of Bong of the Dead, Thomas Newman.

When asked how he feels to have gotten this far with his film, Thomas Newman replied, “I’ve been incredibly busy pounding the pavement hard to get the word out about my struggles as a filmmaker with no budget or studio support to make this movie. I set out to hit a homerun by making a movie that would appeal to a mass audience and become an instant cult hit classic. I know that some said it was too ambitious for a no budget film, which is the exact reason why I had to do it!”

When asked what else might be in store for the movie Thomas added, “I have received tentative invites from MOLINS DE REI HORROR FILM FESTIVAL as well as The Traverse City Film Festival (TRAVERSE CITY FILM FESTIVAL) was founded by and still run by Michael Moore. Each time the phone rings it seems to bring good news.”

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Bong of the Dead poster